Biotechnology for Aquaculture


Want to learn more about the emerging aquaculture industry?

Join this 60-minute KnipBio webinar to learn examples of biotechnology-based engineering solutions that will help sustainably expand this field. Aquaculture – farming fish, shrimp, and algae – is expected to grow strongly in the coming decades. One of the keys to the continued growth of aquaculture is the supply of high-quality ingredients. The default options available today cannot be expanded significantly and/or are incomplete solutions at best. To meet global needs and protect our natural resources, new sources of protein input must be developed.

What to expect:

  • Read more about current problems and opportunities for protein production in aquaculture
  • Understand the potential for existing bio-industrial facilities to adapt to the food insecurity challenges of the 21st century
  • See how biotechnology is being used to increase protein deficiencies
  • Learn about some of the challenges including developing new technologies for a young industry, accepting new products on the market, applying to an existing biorefinery
  • Analyze the differences between aquaculture and other animal protein sectors

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