Applied DNA Announces Receipt of Largest Single Purchase Order for LinearDNA™ To-Date

Applied DNA Announces Receipt of Largest Single Purchase Order for LinearDNA™ To-Date

A pioneer in PCR-based DNA technology, Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., has revealed that it has received its largest single purchase order for LinearDNATM, which is worth over six figures. The bulk manufacturing of LinearDNA was ordered in accordance with a long-standing supply contract for a major in vitro diagnostics manufacturer. According to the repeat order’s conditions, the Company will send the client some LinearDNA during the current quarter, with the remainder of the order being delivered over the next three quarters.

The current industry standard for DNA manufacturing, plasmid DNA, requires the use of fermenters and bacteria; linear DNA is generated utilizing an enzyme manufacturing platform that does not. By removing many of the difficulties present in today’s plasmid-based DNA production, LinearDNA creates a DNA product free from the dangers of bacterial contamination and non-target DNA sequences. The ability to optimize LinearDNA with customer-specific chemistry and sequencing is made possible by the enzymatic process. This feature is frequently employed when customers order LinearDNA to be used as IVT templates for RNA manufacture, including the repeat order that was just reported. It has been used for diagnostic purposes.

The application of DNA-based probes in molecular diagnostics is rapidly expanding to give the industry powerful new tools to enhance the diagnosis of infectious diseases, genetic disorders, and malignancies. Our proprietary enzymatic approach to manufacturing DNA via PCR underpins our ability to produce DNA more efficiently and rapidly relative to other DNA production methods and at scale. Applying this capacity also to the manufacture of therapeutic DNA for the next generation of genetic medicines, we believe LinearDNA sits at the intersection of two growing life sciences segments that hold the potential to transform human health.”

Dr. James A. Hayward, president, and CEO of Applied DNA

About Applied DNA Sciences

Deoxyribonucleic acid production and detection methods are being developed by Applied DNA Sciences, a biotechnology business. We operate in three main business markets using PCR to enable the production and detection of DNA: I the production of DNA for use in nucleic acid-based therapeutics; (ii) the detection of DNA in molecular diagnostics testing services; and (iii) the production and detection of DNA for industrial supply chain security services.

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