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Envisagenics Announces Research Collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb

Envisagenics, a biotechnology company powered by artificial intelligence that develops treatments for RNA splicing disorders, has established a research partnership with Bristol Myers Squibb. The multi-year partnership will make use of Envisagenics’ SpliceCore® AI engine to find therapeutic targets resulting from alternative splicing and increase Bristol Myers Squibb’s substantial cancer pipeline. In addition to milestone payments depending on development, regulatory, and market success, Envisagenics will also receive an upfront payment.

Using RNA-sequencing data, the cloud-based, AI-powered platform SpliceCore may pinpoint disease-specific splicing-derived targets. Envisagenics will combine data from hundreds of patients to find mRNAs that encode tumor-specific cell surface antigens, leading to the identification of new therapeutic targets.

It is exciting to see how quickly significant scientific breakthroughs in the biopharma industry can be achieved with the assistance of AI. Our SpliceCore platform, coupled with Bristol Myers Squibb’s expertise, has the potential to accelerate target identification, transform modern drug development, and improve patient outcomes.”

Maria Luisa Pineda, Ph.D., Envisagenics’ CEO, and Co-founder

In order to increase the likelihood of discovering a therapeutic target, the SpliceCore platform applies a collection of proprietary algorithms to RNA-sequencing data, producing a sequence search space of over 7 million splicing events. SpliceCore selects therapeutic targets using a range of pharmacological modalities according to their disease-specificity, biological functions, and druggability. The platform can quickly and effectively process enormous volumes of RNA-seq data due to its scalable and economical cloud design. SpliceCore aids in the fast identification of drug targets and predicts alternative splicing events for therapeutic development that are drug-responsive.

New therapeutic targets are desperately required for patients, and Envisagenics is happy to be working with BMS as part of our search for innovation, said Martin Akerman, Ph.D., CTO and Co-Founder of the company.

About Envisagenics

Envisagenics is an AI-driven biotechnology business that specializes in finding unique RNA splicing variations that lead to cancer and other genetic illnesses. The SpliceCore® discovery platform is its main technological component of it. The platform reimagines the human genome using high-performance computers, machine learning techniques, and a verified exon-centric methodology. Compared to gene-centric discovery techniques, it has a discovery rate of up to 250 times higher for new targets. Envisagenics accelerates the discovery of highly targeted therapies that alter the RNA splicing events that underlie the pathophysiology of cancer, neurological, and metabolic illnesses by utilizing cutting-edge technology and RNA analysis skills.

Envisagenics partners with biopharmaceutical corporations and academic organizations to improve their capacity for drug discovery. Additionally, Envisagenics has its own in-house created RNA therapy initiatives. Envisagenics, a Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory spin-off, is pleased to have been headed by women and people of color and to have received several funds from the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

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