Biotech Researchers discover A new tool to Remove Immune cells from Cancer tumors.

Biotech Researchers discover A new tool to Remove Immune cells from Cancer tumors.

A new light of hope in the darkness of cancer has arrived. Northwestern University researchers have made a tool that could harness immune cells from cancer tumors and could probably be the next way to cure cancer without the strong medicine chemo.

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in the world, for a fact- Cancer kills more people in Africa than Malaria. (Read more on the topic here-More people die due to Cancer than Malaria in Africa what can biotech do to prevent this.)

And not only this but cancer has no cure 100% effective cure to it, there are medicines like chemo but these medicines also have some terrible side effects. Also, Chemo is not 100 percent effective alongside its side effect it can also be lethal to patients. That is the reason why doctors try to avoid chemo in the first or the second stage of cancer.

How does this tool work?

This tool is made with the help of 3d printers and is quite small easily portable, this tool can be very useful in the continent of Africa since it has a poor healthcare system and due to the lack of healthcare systems, the mortality rate here is quite high.

In-depth working of the tool has not been mentioned yet but how it would affect cancer is being stated publically, this tool will recover the strong immune cells from near the tumor, and use these cells for the treatment of the patient.

This is much more effective than traditional cell therapy, this method has been effective and fully working in many patients and many of them are now fully cured of cancer. The best part of this method is it doesn’t require any external chemicals, therefore, avoiding any harmful side effects to the patient.

So the process goes on like this the cells are harvested through the tool, taken away from the host (patient to a lab where they are kept to be multiplied and then eventually form tissues. Then these tissues are bough back and placed in the body where these immune tissues fight with the cancer tumor and the work is done.

Can this technique be the permanent solution for cancer?

Not only studies this method is being tested as fully successful on many patients, and the use of this method for the treatment of cancer is very soon. Also yes this method can be the permanent cure for cancer.

This method is very useful for the treatment of cancer that has tumors but blood cancer that doesn’t deal with tumors has got its way out from this tool or this method of treatment. Yes, blood cancer aka Leukemia sadly has no cure yet.


This technology in itself is is a life-changing technology it also has the full potential to be the next big thing when it comes to the achievements medical science has gained till now. Now it is in our hands that we help this tech to reach out to the various parts of the world where it is required the most.

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