THE GLOBAL IMPACT of Biotech Crops

THE GLOBAL IMPACT of Biotech Crops

THE GLOBAL IMPACT of Biotech Crops

This article highlights the results of a 2012 study on health, science, and technology by Jornal Nacional, a national media outlet in Brazil produced by Rede Global de Televisão.

A total of 246 news articles were analyzed on health-related topics, half of which were related to scientific research, innovative technology, and clinical care, and were shown to reflect physician-based discourse.

The results also show that 82% of scientific and technological reports identify products that want to enter the market, which reflects the business model of this Global research.

The article discusses the two aspects described in this article that describe living beings as bad creatures: building the body properly and destroying it by spreading the image into the body; and the importance of biotechnology, which leads to scientific changes and lifestyle changes.

This research also calls for the integration of natural culture into biotechnology subjects.

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