Success at What Cost? – A Case Study in Managerial Ethics & Compliance

This case study is about SuperDrugz, a medium-sized pharmaceutical company in India. As a company, the company is in the hands of a professional management team. The new team strove to cultivate a culture of performance through strong performance checks and weeding those who didn’t.

However, one whistleblower revealed a serious ethical decline within the company. Shortly after starting work as an area manager in the northeast of the country, the individual discovered that staff (including seniors) were using unethical/illegal means to achieve high sales targets. Faced with the dilemma of respecting the team or the law, he opted for the second option. Now, the company’s founder has had to create mechanisms to ensure that everyone in the company adheres to the company’s code of ethics and constitution.


» Understand the issue in managerial ethics and challenges in ensuring compliance.

» Understand the factors that influence ethical behavior.

» Understand the mechanisms for ethical control and compliance.

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