Takeda Chemical Industries Ltd.: Lessons from a Japanese Pharma Major

The case describes the strategies Takeda Chemical Industries Ltd, a leading pharmaceutical company in Japan, has adopted to become a global pharmaceutical company. The case provides an in-depth study of Takeda’s growth in the context of the evolution of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry. Several strategies that the company has adopted to grow in local and international markets have been extensively studied. The case also explains in detail why the company decided to focus on international expansion and established itself as an R&D-oriented pharmaceutical company in the early 1990s. Furthermore, the case also seeks to analyze Takeda’s future growth strategies in light of growing competition from national and international players.


» Understand the dynamics of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry and study its evolution over the years


 Page No.
Background Note2
Business Growth and Overseas Expansion3
1990-2000: A Decade of Growth4
The Globalization Drive5
The Scenario Back Home6
Towards a Healthy & Wealthy Future?7
Exhibits 9

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