Trait Protection System

Trait Protection System

Trait Protection System

Description of new technologies

Seeds are severely restricted to different types of crops, and farmers are required not to store and use seeds from their crops, but instead to buy more seeds from the plant. Systems have been developed to prevent farmers from storing or recycling seeds. This technology renders F2 seeds (seeds sown by farmers) lifeless. This technology is called the property protection system and is covered by US patent No. 5,723,765 (Oliver et al., 1998).

How it works:

Genetic genes are designed to produce plant-killing proteins. The promoters of genetic control and the subsequent production of toxins work only at the end of embryo development. To produce transgenic F1 cells, a gap is created between the promoter and the toxin cell to prevent the toxin cells from functioning. On both sides of the cavity, there is a process by the enzyme “recombinase” that divides the cavity.

This program combines genes with a promoter to remove toxins at the end of embryonic development. The promoter of work by chemical treatment of the fruit sold to farmers controls the production of recombinase. So, until the fruit is treated with chemicals, the toxins still do not work. The result of the chemical treatment of seeds purchased by farmers is that farmers can buy good seeds at harvest, but the seeds collected from plants will not grow. Opponents of the new technology call it the “Terminator Technology”.

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