Transforming the future of medical shipments

In an industry that connects products to people around the world every day, it’s easy to ignore the impact that a single delivery can have. With over 3.4 billion tons of freight and miles (or 5.5 billion tons of freight per kilometer) transported, the huge volume of products and packages transported on the United Airlines global network has an undeniable impact. But if we narrow our view, we may find that a “microscopic” expedition could save thousands of lives.


Gene and cell therapies are extremely sensitive, and getting these treatments from labs to patients is a difficult task. Vulnerable medical expeditions require the utmost care and precision in their travels, which can sometimes involve complicated routes from large factories to smaller regional cities.


In the past, critical medical shipments could only be carried by large aircraft, visibility during travel was limited, and mass transit was only available between major markets. Today, with SAVSU units equipped with intelligent technology to track shipments and provide flexibility in transit – and the global and national networks of United Airlines and United Express – it is easier than ever to deliver cell and gene therapies to destinations outside the main city.

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