Biotech Innovations: Virus & DNA Analysis; Antibody Probiotics

Biotech Innovations: Virus & DNA Analysis; Antibody Probiotics

There are many new diseases facing our world now. Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections, although they are becoming increasingly difficult because many of the common pathogens have now developed widespread antimicrobial resistance.

However, old and new viruses currently have more challenges that can cause respiratory, enteric, and urogenital diseases. Future reports of antimicrobial resistance are increasing and there is an urgent need to develop new antiviral drugs. While all of this makes sense, the anti-inflammatory properties of probiotics seem unlikely to have received much attention.

For many years, lactic acid bacteria (LAB) have been used successfully to treat bowel, oral and vaginal infections, some of which can affect blood cholesterol levels. Some probiotics prevent intestinal dysbiosis and, in turn, reduce the chances of developing a second disease.

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